Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship gets your business or community event known throughout our broadcast area covering the Southern Downs and surrounding districts. In all there are over 23,000 people living in our listening area, as well as a potentially huge international audience through our internet live streaming. Sponsorship of Rainbow-FM 89.3 can be a real business boost.

Becoming a sponsor and advertising with Rainbow-FM not only benefits the station and your business by providing great affordable sponsorship advertisements, but it also benefits the local community by keeping the money local.

As a community radio station, Rainbow-FM 89.3 broadcasts 'sponsorship announcements', rather than the usual commercial radio advertising. We broadcast no more than 5 minutes of sponsorship announcements each hour, so there is less competition for the listener's ear. Having just five minutes in any one hour means that the sponsorship announcements are evenly spread throughout the day. They are not 'clustered' into blocks and your message will have more impact on your target audience.

A rapidly growing percentage of the Australian market place is tuning to community radio, locally around 27,000 per week. Community radio is the fastest growing sector in Australian Broadcasting with around 4,034,000 Australians listening each week just to community radio. Research by McNair Ingenuity has shown that 45% of people aged over 15 listen to community radio every month.

Sponsorships are very effective in reaching our diverse and loyal listener base. Rainbow-FM broadcasts a wide variety of programs attracting listeners from all age groups and markets, presenting your business with the opportunity to effectively target particular markets or spread a promotion across a wide range of markets.

Sponsorships are very affordable and are tailored to your needs, from short term promotional campaigns to a long term on-air presence. Prices include all professional production costs.

Simply contact the station office during business hours, to discuss how sponsoring Rainbow-FM 89.3 can help your business or event.